Shanel's World: A Story About Celebrating What Makes You Different

This book was inspired by a girl named Shanel and was written to celebrate what makes her different and what makes every other child different."Shanel's World"  highlights the many gifts, talents and abilities children have while shedding light on some of the food allergies they might deal with.

Imagine your child being proud of who they are. Imagine them celebrating all of the things that makes them different.
Children love this book because:

  • They learn to celebrate every part of them that makes them different and unique.
  • They learn that it's okay to have food allergies and still enjoy many other foods.
  • ​They become more accepting of others that may be different from them.

What's Inside?

 Each page will encourage your child to Dream Big!

Meet the Author

Shanel is a beautiful three year-old girl who is brave and loves helping others celebrate their gifts, talents and anything else that makes them different and unique. Her mother Shanine helped her publish her 1st book on her third birthday.

Every Child Should Have a Copy of Shanel's World!!

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You are special just the way you are!

Thank you for supporting our princess and pushing the message that every child is different and should be celebrated. Proceeds from sales and donations will go towards Shanel's College/Business Fund so thank you for sowing into her legacy.
-Mom and Dad

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